Honor 70 vs. Honor 90: Which Mid-Range Best Suits Your Preferences and Needs?

Shopping for the best smartphone with the features and functionalities that suit your preferences and special needs is not a problem if you have a sufficient budget to afford them. But it does pose a potential problem if you are working with a limited budget because you will have to compromise some features to accommodate the money you currently have. The good news is that there are a few good brands that offer quality smartphones that don’t necessarily require you to break the bank.  Now, two of the popular competing mid-range smart devices in the past few months are under the same brand which are Honor 70 and Honor 90. And if you are indeed torn between the two smartphone brands, then you would be glad to know that the blog I prepared for today is especially what you are looking for. In this short but informative blog, I will share with you the specifications of the two units and help you determine which of them is the right option for you and a good value for your money. So without any further delays, let’s get right into today’s discussion…

 Honor 70

Honor 70 is a popular mid-range and among the brand’s top-selling smartphone units in 2022 around the globe. This is the case because Honor 70 has a stylish design that is backed by loads of features and functionalities without having to sacrifice your budget. In the following of the honor 70 review are the best specifications of the unit to give you a better overview of what makes the unit truly special—


The hallmark of Honor 70s design is its beautiful modern and minimalistic aesthetics. Although the casing and body of the unit are made of hard plastic and have a glossy finish on the backend of the smartphone, they do not appear cheap in any way. It offers consumers triple cameras that are separated by two circular bezels. On the top corner of the unit is where the main camera and secondary camera lenses are located, while the tertiary camera lens and LED of the unit are in the second bezel just below the first bezel.

 Features and Performance

Honor 70 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G which makes it suitable for mobile gaming to some extent. Although it is not as powerful compared to newer versions of the chipset, it is still enough to deliver power when it comes to a decent gaming experience. You will also benefit from its Adreno 642L which provides a lag-free experience.

 Camera Resolution

The camera resolution of Honor 70 offers a 54 MP camera that is supported by 50 MP ultrawide and 2 MP depth. In addition, you will benefit from its 32 MP front-facing camera which makes the unit highly suitable for people who regularly publish in social media.

 Honor 90

Honor 90 was only released recently, and it is apparently more powerful than Honor 70. It is way better in several ways including the following scenarios of the unit where I list some of its best features that you have to take note of and why they are a better value for money in comparison to Honor 70—


The design of the Honor 90 bears a resemblance to the Honor 70 with the only difference being that the back portion of the unit is less glossy and tends to lean more to a matte finish. It also has a larger screen display of 6.7 or 1200 x 2664 resolution.

 Features and Performance

Honor 70 is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 which makes the unit highly suitable for mobile gaming, and it is complimented by a fast refresh rate and Adreno 644 that ensures that the games run smoothly even if the graphics and entirety of the settings option are maxed out.

 Camera and Video Resolution

Now, this is the feature that makes the Honor 90 smartphone highly sought after especially for social influencers and vloggers alike. And this is because of the price point of Honor 90 and even though it is a mid-range smartphone, you will get a 200 MP main camera that is even better than some premium flagship smartphones. In addition, the main camera is supported by a 12 MP ultrawide camera and 2 MP depth. In addition, it has a decent 12 MP front-facing camera for selfies and video calls.

 Final Thoughts: Is Honor 90 better than Honor 70 or Vice Versa?

Both Honor 90 and Honor 70 are mid-range brands that were released a few months apart from each other. However, Honor 90 has a higher cost but not that much. But the question of which is better depends on your budget and how many features you are willing to sacrifice for the slight difference in retail price. In my honest opinion, Honor 70 is the best option if you are really tight on budget, but it wouldn’t hurt that much if you go the extra mile. On the contrary, the Honor 90 is worth investing in because of its powerful hardware and 200 MP main camera.