SIP Calculator: Planning Your Investments with Ease

There is no doubt in the fact that this investment has been gaining popularity among Indian MF investors. This is simply because it helps in investing in a disciplined manner without worrying about market volatility and timing the market. 

So, before you search for “best mutual fund to invest today”, ensure that you are on the right track by getting a fair idea of what you’ll be getting from your investment. This can simply be done by using a SIP calculator.

What is a SIP?

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is an investment instrument offered by Mutual Funds where one potential investor can invest a fixed amount of money at regular intervals. These intervals can vary from once a month to even once a quarter, which prevents the investor from paying a lump-sum amount which affects his pocket. 

Furthermore, the instalment amount here could be as little as and is basically similar to a recurring deposit. It is super convenient as you can give your bank standing instructions to debit the amount every single month. 

What is a SIP calculator?

As the term suggests, a SIP or mutual fund calculator is a virtual tool that helps the investor eliminate the potential returns on their SIP investments over a specified time. The tool basically tends to use a mathematical formula that is able to generate an estimate of the accumulated corpus at the end of the investment period. This helps potential investors effectively plan their SIP investments. 

What are the advantages of using this tool?

  1. Latest Investment Schemes

The calculations done via this tool are entirely up-to-date. They always tend to consider real-time stock values for SIPs so that you can see the present condition of the products. 

  1. Convenient and Instant

Furthermore, it is pretty simple to use, and anyone can easily access it as it is not very technical. You can easily fill in a few details and get their SIP from a calculator; as it is instant, you don’t have to wait long. 

  1. Free-of-cost

The SIP Interest Calculator is totally free to use. It totally depends on the application you use for this purpose. I’ve been using this tool from the Bajaj Finserv app, and it is highly recommended! You can use the investment planning calculator from anywhere if you wish to know your SIP calculations. 

  1. Systematic Approach

It has a systematic approach to SIP and gives the details on how to invest in this scheme exactly. Moreover, it shows how to diversify your investments and the investment amount and duration. In order to get the best results one can easily use a 10-year investment plan calculator to get the best results.

  1. Accommodates even Lower investment amount

These tools can even help you invest in lower amounts if you don’t have enough funds. An investment planning calculator can easily find products in a lower price range by setting a lower limit. So, a SIP calculator will help one start investing even with a small amount of funds. 

Which is the best SIP calculator to use?

Here, I’d like to share my personal experience. Around three months ago, when I was planning to invest in the best mutual funds for sip, one of my friends suggested using this tool. 

Believe me, it is very, very important to use this before investing your hard-earned money, as it gives you an estimate of what you’ll be reaping out of your investment.