Why Buy a Midrange Device?

You may be choosing right now between a midrange and a flagship device for your next phone. the decision may be relatively easy for some. But for others who want to save money when buying a phone like you, the midrange may be the best option. Phones like the HONOR Magic 4 Lite are wiser choices when it comes to the midrange market. Here are the reasons why you should forego the flagship options and pick a midrange device as your replacement phone.

Reasons to Buy a Midrange Device

It is cheaper

A midrange device will go for around $300 to $500 in the market. This is extremely cheaper compared to flagship devices which can range from $700 to $1000. Midrange devices give you the flexibility to manage your money and spend just enough to get the essentials for a smartphone. Since midrange devices are the flagship of the past years, you are still getting more value than what you pay for these devices.

The HONOR Magic 4 Lite is popular because of the 6nm power-efficient Snapdragon chipset, the HONOR RAM Turbo, the 64MP Quad Camera, and the 4800mAh large battery. This is a mid-range device with a ton of features that you can get from flagship smartphones.

It has fantastic hardware

Most flagship smartphones nowadays are made of glass. Although the type of glass used for these devices is very durable, this is still incomparable with plastic. Plastic is one of the most reliable materials used in smartphones because it does not break or fold. Even when you repeatedly drop your plastic phone, you will still not worry because of the durability of the device. Some plastic midrange phones even have IP ratings to ensure that your phone is protected from dust and water.

Midrange phones that are being released right now even use glasstic or matte plastic finishes which look elegant and nice. You cannot honestly tell the difference between metal, glass, and plastic by just looking at the devices.

Even if you have to replace the plastic body of midrange phones, you are still spending less compared to flagship glass or metal materials.

It has better software

One of the reasons why people choose midrange devices over flagship phones is the software update. Midrange phones get as much update as flagship devices. They get the updates for three to five years. The updates in software remove the bugs and glitches in the programs and settings of the devices. The software of the midrange devices makes it easier for the users to maneuver around the apps and make sure that they are interacting with the phones smoothly and seamlessly.

You can rely on manufacturers like HONOR to provide you with regular updates on your software.

It has a good performance

Midrange phones are equipped with powerful chipsets, colorful displays, and large RAM sizes to help you run different apps simultaneously. Whether you are going to use your phone for gaming or for work, you are assured that you can utilize the device based on function. Midrange phones can perform at par with flagship devices because of the combination of parts installed on them.


The midrange and flagship delineation is slowly getting blurry because of the amount of features that manufacturers are integrating into their new midrange devices. This may be due to the fact that last year’s flagship features and capabilities are being utilized on this year’s midrange phones. The HONOR Magic 4 Lite, for example, offers a 6.81-inch Fullview display with a high refresh rate and touch sampling rate. The performance of this midrange phone is seamless, especially when doing daily tasks which smartphones are used for.