Will the Best Benzoyl Peroxide Body Wash Beat My Bacne?

Anyone who suffers from persistent body acne (bacne) will know how irritating and depressing it can be. Waking up each morning with yet more red and painful areas is no fun, so it’s a condition that needs to be treated regularly to manage the symptoms. The question we answer in this blog is whether the best benzoyl peroxide body wash is able to keep it under control. 

The answer is an empathic yes! So long as you stick to the directions and start cautiously, there’s no reason why you can get your body acne licked. It’s just a matter of finding the right level and being very methodical in your approach. By clearing out the pores deep inside the skin, benzoyl peroxide is proven to give you the relief you need. 

But what else can you do to stop your bacne from rearing its head? The good news is that there are many steps you can take to tip the balance back in your favor. 

What You Can Do to Complement Your Benzoyl Peroxide Body Wash 

You can expect great results when you treat your bacne as directed with benzoyl peroxide body wash, however, those results will be even better and come sooner if you do what you can to complement the action it provides. Here are a few tips on what dermatologists say on the subject…

Have a Shower Right After Working Out

There’s nothing acne bacteria loves more than sweat, so when you’ve been working out, the best thing to do is have a shower and get it off your skin. If you wait and leave it until later, you’re just making it harder for your skin to stay healthy. As such, you should wash your body straight after any exercise that makes you sweat profusely. 

Never Wear the Same Workout Clothes Without Washing Them

For the same reasons you should shower directly after working out, you really need to wash any workout clothes you use before wearing them again. Sure, this is not news to most people, but you might be surprised how many think it’s okay to wear the same sweats more than once.

If you do, you’re putting old sweat and bacteria back onto your skin via your dirty clothes, so naturally, it’s not something you should be doing. 

Don’t Use Comedogenic Products 

The other products you use on your skin can also have a bearing on how many body acne breakouts you get, so it’s important to stick to non-comedogenic brands. That means those that are formulated to prevent blocking hair follicles, which then leads to painful zits appearing. 

Also, be sure to avoid astringents, abrasive scrubs and other harsh products that might dry out your skin and cause further problems. The same goes for buffers and loofas that only serve to spread bacteria around and aggravate the skin. 

Give it a Chance & The Best Benzoyl Peroxide Body Wash Will Deliver

There’s no question that benzoyl peroxide washes work – they wouldn’t be approved by the FDA if they didn’t. The question here really is how effective they are, and that depends on your skin type, the degree of acne you have and how much you do to complement what the product does. 

If you avoid the errors we’ve talked about here and take the time to find your perfect level and concentration of benzoyl peroxide, the chances of you getting the clear skin you crave increase significantly.